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Enhance your online Scrum Poker sessions by boosting engagement, encouraging collaboration, and infusing a dose of fun for all team members.

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Boost your Scrum Poker sessions

Experience a transformation in your online Scrum Poker sessions, where enhanced collaboration, deeper connection, and heightened engagement redefine your team’s dynamics.

Real-Time Story Estimation

Collaboratively estimate tasks in real-time with your team, fostering a sense of unity and ensuring active participation from all members in the discussion.

Remote Accessibility

Estimate tasks using Planning Poker Web effortlessly from both mobile and desktop devices, enabling team members to contribute from any location.

Engaging Discussions

Ensure your team remains actively engaged, discussing tasks clearly and succinctly, all while striving to achieve your goals.

On-the-Fly Task Creation

Generate tasks during the scrum ceremony based on team discussions and instantly cast your votes. Planning Poker Web for agile Scrum teams is dynamic and adaptable.

Create and assign unlimited tasks with descriptions and acceptance criteria

During the Free Scrum Poker ceremony is very important that the tasks are very clear for story points or any other unit of measurement to be estimated more assertively.

Listing of issues for planning poker online
List of issues for Scrum Poker
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Create Issue for Scrum Poker

Ready-to-use for every kind of team

From product and business teams to define priorities and opportunities to engineering teams to estimate tasks.

engineer using planning poker online
engineer using planning poker online

Join 550+ teams who are already using Scrum Poker Online

Frequent questions

Planning poker online is a free, unlimited and secure solution for any team, here we list some frequently asked questions from users.

Yes, Planning Poker Web is free for any number of session members.

Here at Planning Poker Web the amount of tasks (we call them issues) is unlimited, so you can vote as many tasks as you want.

Yes, you can import issues (issues) from an .xls or .csv file.

Our users usually export to-do lists from their project management tools (Asana, Jira, Monday, ClickUp, Trello…) and then import them into the session.

Soon we will have integration with the main project management players.

No, to create your planning poker session (we call game) just go to start.

But, if you want to receive updates about the tool, it is interesting to register for our newsletter here on this page.

No, our goal is to provide an easy, intuitive tool that engages development teams, it has no cost for users and we have no plans to charge for its use.

Yes, by default Planning Poker Web has configured voting systems (Fibonacci, Modified Fibonacci, T-Shirts, Powers of 2) but you can also customize your own “deck” of values using the “Custom deck” option.

It is important to remember that the standard deviation and mean results only make sense for numbers, so symbols or any other non-numeral character the basis of consensus will be the mode.

Our tool does not store any type of personal information, such as name, email*, phone number or financial information.

The only information that is stored and that is destroyed every 7 days is task information, so that teams can start and end planning poker sessions being held on different days.

Also, our authentication system does not allow users without invitation urls to access or view any information in their session. Data is only displayed to people who have access to your session url.

*Users’ e-mails are only stored when filled in by them to access our newsletters.

It's all free for you

We know how challenging it is to estimate team tasks, so here we have a free scrum poker tool.

Level up your teams

We love product development and agility, stay on top of our content to keep your team evolving.

Start for free.

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