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Virtual Assistant for Product Teams

Welcome to A.I Assistant

Embarking on a new software development journey? Introducing A.I. Assistant, the revolutionary tool designed to bring clarity, foresight, and alignment to your tasks definition.

How It Works:

Simply input a task name and a user story, and let A.I.
Assistant do the magic.

Within moments, you’ll receive a comprehensive list of items to consider, ensuring a smooth implementation of your feature.

But that’s not all! Our tool delves deeper, offering insights into potential blockers and challenges that might arise during the development phase.

If you don’t know what user stories are we have and article for you.

Reduce the uncertainty

The A.I Assistant aims to bridge the gap between ideation and execution. We understand that in the fast-paced world of software development, ensuring that everyone is on the same page is crucial.

Our tool ensures that product managers, product owners, and engineers have a clear understanding of the task at hand, its intricacies, and potential pitfalls. By providing a clear roadmap and highlighting areas of attention, The A.I Assistant empowers teams to work more efficiently, reduce oversights, and deliver features that truly resonate with end-users.


Join us in redefining software development. Welcome to a world where clarity leads to excellence!

Start for free.

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