Boost your sprint plannings and collaboration with a Planning Poker Online

Say goodbye to dull planning poker online sessions fostering enhanced collaboration, connection, and engagement like never before.

Task estimate in real time

You and your team together estimating activities in real time, this develops a sense of team and also makes all participants feel part of the discussion.

Work from anywhere

Estimating tasks with Planning Poker Web can be done via mobile and desktop devices, making it easier for your team members to participate from anywhere.

Lively discussion

Make sure your team is engaged and that discussion of tasks is done clearly and concisely with the aim of achieving your goals.

Create tasks

Create tasks during the scrum ceremony according to the team’s discussion and vote immediately, the dynamism of planning poker web for agile Scrum teams is that.

Create and assign unlimited tasks with descriptions and acceptance criteria

During the Planning Poker Online ceremony is very important that the tasks are very clear for story points or any other unit of measurement to be estimated more assertively.

Listing of issues for planning poker online
Listing of issues for planning poker online
Create task for planning poker online
Create task for planning poker online

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